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The Week Ahead

LA GRAN MADRE offers us the chance to truly embed with a subject, which is something that we've never really had before.  Whether it was due to distance (WE MUST GO) or a story's needs (I AM BIG BIRD), we've never shot as much as this project has allowed.  The opportunities that are presented in this style of shooting are incredible.

For example, a week from today, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in UNITED STATES V. TEXAS.  This case will have a huge impact on immigration.  Basically, in 2014, President Obama issued an executive order that allowed undocumented immigrants whose children were born in the United States to remain here without fear of deportation (as long as they didn't have a criminal record).  This executive order was instantly challenged by 26 states (led by Texas) that stated the order was unconstitutional.  The order has made its way through the lower courts and, on April 18, the Supreme Court will tackle the issue.

From Nora's standpoint, this case is huge.  It will impact every single one of her kids, plus hundreds of thousands of others.  She has advocated for the executive action since it was issued and the coming days will be no exception.  Nora has done many things to bring attention to the issue, but this week, she'll be making final preparations to bus 100 children from Florida to DC to show the world the faces of the people who will be impacted by this decision.  It's going to be a powerful display that we're honored to have the chance to capture.