Keep up-to-date on the story behind the Nora Sandigo documentary, LA GRAN MADRE, here.

Introducing La Gran Madre

Since we started Copper Pot Pictures, our goal has been to share stories that move us.  It doesn't matter what that story is, it just needs to be something that we connect with.  From BROWNSTONES TO RED DIRT to I AM BIG BIRD to WE MUST GO, the stories are all very different, but one thing is the same: we look for stories that inspire hope.


When we first heard about Nora Sandigo, an activist who is the legal guardian to nearly 1,000 US-born children of undocumented immigrants, we knew we had found our next film. When production began and we started embedding with Nora, we were simply blown away by her compassion and dedication.  There are so many layers to what she does, but at the core of everything is love.  She's an inspirational woman to be around.

Nora never knows what each day holds: she does whatever is necessary.  When we film with her, we never know what to expect.  Throughout production of LA GRAN MADRE, we'll do our best to recap amazing moments from the shoot here.  If nothing else, hopefully this production blog will serve as a tribute to the remarkable work Nora is doing.